Friday, September 26, 2014

More Aaron and Peter for Saturday Spankings

Hi everyone, I hope you're all enjoying your Saturday. Today I'm continuing where I left off last week. Aaron's getting spanked!

“Because why, Aaron? And it’s supposed to hurt,” Peter prodded.
“Because I snapped … OWW! … I snapped at Judge Miller and was rude!” Aaron managed to answer.
“Why is that not allowed?” Peter asked keeping the spanking at a brisk pace that turned Aaron’s bottom different shades of pink.
“Because … AHHHH … it’s not nice and it could …. OWWW …. ruin my career,” Aaron answered.
“Exactly!” Peter said as he started his attack on the sit spots full force. “Not only is it bad manners, which you know I will not accept, but you put your career in danger.” Peter continued to scold as he increased the pace and force of the swats. If the sting in his hand was anything to go by, he knew Aaron was really starting to feel it now.
“I’m sorry!” Aaron gasped out, tears filling his eyes and threatening to fall as his bottom was set on fire. Peter’s hand bounced painfully off his pert cheeks and made him wiggle as much as he could, but Peter had trapped his legs between his.


 After years of waiting for society to clear the way for same sex marriage, Assistant District Attorney Aaron Berg finally gets what he's been waiting for - a proposal from his long-time boyfriend, Detective Peter Bryant. Aaron only wants one other thing: The Perfect Wedding. 
  Soon enough, that dream becomes a nightmare for Peter and those around him as Aaron inflicts his Type-A, perfectionist tendencies on everyone from co-workers to family to wedding planners. But if life with Aaron has taught Peter one thing, it's that nothing gets his lover's attention like a hard, bare-bottom spanking. For this couple, the path to the pulpit includes love and some firm, over-the-knee discipline in a sweet, funny, love story that is both charming, sexy and timely as more LBGT couples tie the knot. 


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  1. I'm really so very intrigued now..... nice snippet!

    1. The book is up for sale at Blushing now, go take a look :)

      I am also working on the second book for Peter and Aaron.

  2. Great snippet! I so do love Aaron and Peter! :-)

    1. Thank you, I am so glad :) I am working on their second book right now and it is nearly done!

  3. Oh, pert cheeks on a guy. So awesome! Love it.

  4. Looks like he knows what he did wrong - but that's not going to stop the spanking.

  5. Replies
    1. LOL poor Peter?? Yeah his hand hurts, but he doesn't have to sit on his hand LOL

  6. Ouch! That has to hurt! Great snippet :)