Friday, October 31, 2014

It's the wedding day on Groomzilla for Saturday Spankings.

Hey everyone sorry I haven't been around for a while. I've been busy finishing off the last little bit of the sequel.

Today in this snippet it's the day of the wedding and Aaron and Peter meet with an unusual problem when they get to the wedding venue.

They got to Castle on the Lake just in time to meet the florist who was setting up the blue
roses around the tables. The little bald man spotted them and scurried over.
“You wait right here,” the florist said, a wide smile on his face. “I have something for
you both.” He scurried off to grab a nearby box. Inside was a lapel rose for Peter and a bouquet
for Aaron.
Aaron was too shocked at first to say anything and he took the bouquet of blue roses
“I… you… what?” For once in his life Aaron was rendered truly speechless.
Peter watched in horror as the emotions flittered over Aaron’s face-shock, confusion,
understanding, anger then outrage.


 After years of waiting for society to clear the way for same sex marriage, Assistant District Attorney Aaron Berg finally gets what he's been waiting for - a proposal from his long-time boyfriend, Detective Peter Bryant. Aaron only wants one other thing: The Perfect Wedding. 
  Soon enough, that dream becomes a nightmare for Peter and those around him as Aaron inflicts his Type-A, perfectionist tendencies on everyone from co-workers to family to wedding planners. But if life with Aaron has taught Peter one thing, it's that nothing gets his lover's attention like a hard, bare-bottom spanking. For this couple, the path to the pulpit includes love and some firm, over-the-knee discipline in a sweet, funny, love story that is both charming, sexy and timely as more LBGT couples tie the knot. 


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  1. As with any wedding, misunderstanding are going to occur. Gay marriage give gives a few more opportunities.

  2. ut-oh, trouble in paradise. I'm sure it'll work out before the wedding begins, but I have a feeling there will be a little tension first.

  3. Aww poor Aaron. I wonder what he'll do or say about this embarrassing situation. Great snippet Sam :)